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Parametric Paint-Over (previously Sketch-Vision)
Demircan Tas
Ongoing joint thesis work for SMArchS (Design & Computation) and SM EECS degrees.
[Interim Report] [Presentation]
TeamCAD - A Multimodal Interface for Remote Computer Aided Design
Demircan Tas, Dimitrios Chatzinikolis
Report for 6.835, Intelligent Multimodal User Interfaces at MIT, Spring 2022.
CHI 2024 submission(under review).
[Report] [Video]
UNVEILING SPACES: Architecturally meaningful semantic descriptions from images of interior spaces
Demircan Tas, Rohit Priyadarshi Sanatani
Project report for 6.869, Advances in Computer Vision at MIT, Spring 2022.
Geo-located Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA) for Crowdsourced Evaluation of Urban Environments
Demircan Tas, Rohit Priyadarshi Sanatani
Final project for 6.8610, Quantitative Methods for Natural Language Processing at MIT, Fall 2022.